Example test questions: Homeothermy

Multiple choice

  1. Which is NOT an advantage of homeothermy? (a. animals can inhabit cold climates, b. animals can exploit nocturnal niches, c. high energy intake requirement, d. activity can be independent of ambient temperature)
  2. ALL of the following are likely reasons for the expansion of the turbinal bones EXCEPT (a. Increased surface area for olfactory epithelium, b. More efficient brachiation, c. Increased surface area for evaporative cooling, d. Condensation of respiratory water vapor)

Short answer

  1. What are the thermoneutral zone, upper critical temperature and lower critical temperature? Describe one possible that a mammal at temperatures above the lower critical temperature might use to maintain its body temperature.
  2. The secondary palate, muscular diaphragm are two soft structures unique to mammals. What role do they play in helping maintain high metabolic rates? What is the role of the four chambered heart in maintaining a high metabolic rate?
  3. What is the thermoneutral zone (TNZ)? Describe three tactics an animal might use to thermoregulate and indicate if they are likely to be used within, above or below the TNZ.
  4. What is homeothermy? What evidence do we have that the first mammals were homeothermic?