MCLFS Student's Work Featured on Canadian National News

Aedes Scheer is a student in the MCLFS program who resides in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. She is a high school biology teacher and is a trained veterinary nurse. Since she was unable to satisfy the MCLFS laboratory requirement in the normal way MCLFS faculty members Bottrell and Kent worked with her on an independent research project. Aedes is a very resourceful person and was able to carry out an extensive study on parasites in the porcupine caribou herd (the Porcupine herd migrates between the Yukon and Anwr). Her research results were quite extraordinary and she was featured by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. You can see the print version of the feature.


First MCLFS Graduates

MCLFS students from 43 states and 6 foreign countries.

As of May 2003 there were 183 students admitted to the program. Our first five students graduated May 22, less than three years after the MCLFS program's inception. Three of our recent graduates comment:

Angie Teagarden is a biology teacher in Oakland, Maryland who just graduated. She says without the Master of Chemical and Life Sciences program, she could not have gotten her advanced degree. "I could do the class work when it was convenient for me - anytime day or night," she says

Jessica Matthews searched the web to find the Maryland online masters program An officer in the Air Force, she's stationed at a base in Fairbanks, Alaska. Matthews completed all her requirements online - and was even able to write an expanded paper that looked at the effects of global warming on polar bears. "The faculty and staff," she says, "were extremely accommodating." She adds, "I would recommend (the program) absolutely."

Another graduate - Jack Cassidy of Columbia, Maryland - says the program worked for him because he liked the freedom an online program gave him. But he says to be successful, students must have good time management skills and be highly motivated. Cassidy has been teaching science for 28 years - most recently at a middle school in Baltimore County.

"The Master of Chemical and Life Sciences program was a perfect niche program. It met the needs of the many practicing secondary school science teachers who needed an up to date content-based science curriculum that could fit into their busy schedules." says Paul Mazzocchi, Director of MCLFS. " We are surprised and delighted by its success."

The MCLFS becomes a partner in the NSTA Professional Development Institute

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MCLFS wins Case Silver Accolades District II Award

The award states, ""The judges were impressed with a number of aspects of the program including the substantial research and market analysis prior to starting the program; the targeted and specific goals; the realistic budget; the built-in evaluation and maintenance; and the methods for adjusting the program - particularly the mechanism of student relationship management."

MCLFS in the News!

Read an article : Distance Education: Challenges, Paradigms, and Pathways for Success, by Spencer A. Benson and Tracy C. Russo University of Maryland and University of Kansas published in the American Society for Microbiology Focus on Microbiology News Letter