BSCI 124 Lecture Notes

Program in Plant Biology, University of Maryland

Examples of the Flowering Plants: Dicots

The flowerings plants, known scientifically as Magnoliophyta and commonly as angiosperms, is frequently divided into two major groups, the Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons) and Liliopsida (monocotyledons). While modern evidence raises serious questions as to such a grouping, the division remains useful. Below are a series of examples of some of the major groups of flowering plants shown in an evolutionary progression.


Phylogenetic relationships among the dicots according to Cronquist

Magnolia - Magnoliidae

Hamamelis - Hamamelididae

Silene - Caryophyllidae

Viola - Dilleniidae

Prunus - Rosidae

Erigeron - Asteridae


Last revised: 4 Feb 1997