Ann Catherine Smith

Instructor,Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

B.A. -      College of Wooster, Wooster Ohio, 1977
M.S. -     University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, N.Y. 1980
Ph.D. -    University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, N.Y. 1982

Office: Mitchell Building room 2130 and in Microbiology Building room 1133B
Phone: 301-405-5443

Roles at the University of Maryland:
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics:
Course and Lab Instructor: General Microbiology (BSCI223) and General Microbiology Honors (BSCI 223H) and Scientific Teaching Internship (BSCI348U).
Advisor, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics.
Former Director, Undergraduate Programs, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Office of Undergraduate Studies
          Member teaching team for the Marquee Courses in Science and Technology
          Interim Assistant Dean, 2006-2007

Academic Interests:
Since arriving at the Univerisity of Maryland, my focus has been education in Microbiology. My goal has been to apply the latest in education theory to provide students with a challenging, interesting, current and thought provoking first exposure to Microbiology.

Research Interests:

Recent Publications
Smith, A.C., Marbach-Ad, G., Briken, V., El-Sayed, N., Frauwirth, K., Fredericksen, B., Hutcheson, S., Gao, L.,  Joseph, S., Lee, V.,  McIver, K.S., Mosser, D., Quimby, B.B., Shields, P.,  Song, W., Yuan, R.T. and Stein, D.C. (2007) A Faculty Team Works to Develop a Concept Inventory that Measures Understanding of Microbiology Relevant to Host Pathogen Interactions. Second Conceptual Assessment in Biology (CAB II) Conference.
Gili Marbach-Ad, Volker Briken, Kenneth Frauwirth, Lian-Yong Gao, Steven W. Hutcheson, Sam W. Joseph, David Mosser, Beth Parent, Patricia Shields, Wenxia Song, Daniel C. Stein, Karen Swanson, Katerina V. Thompson, Robert Yuan, and Ann C. Smith A Faculty Team Works to Create Content Linkages among Various Courses to Increase Meaningful Learning of Targeted Concepts of Microbiology, CBE Life Sci Educ 2007: 155–162.
Shields, P., Smith, A.C., and Stewart, R. 2007. ELVIS a case study for teaching bacterial structure function and metabolism. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (Submitted).
Kramer, S., Tsang A.Y.,, Chang, C., Smith, A.C., 2006. A Laboratory Exercise Exploring Biotechnology via Creation of a Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Using a Floral Dip Method. Accessed December 18, 2006
Smith, A. C
. and Hussey, M. 2005. Atlas for the Gram Stain technique. Accessed December 18, 2006
Smith, A. C. and Hussey, M. 2005. Gram Stain Protocols. Accessed December 18, 2006.
   Smith, A.C., Stewart, R., Shields, P., Hayes-Klosteridis, J., Robinson, P., and Yuan, R. 2005. Introductory Biology Courses: A framework to support active learning in large enrollment introductory science courses. J Cell Biology Education, 4:143-156.  Selected for yearly Highlights of 2005 issue printed and distributed by Cell Biology Education.

Recent Awards and Recognitions
Recognized by College Board Advanced Placement Best Practices Course Study for exemplary practices in the design of General Microbiology BSCI 223. 2006.
UM WebCT Faculty Showcase. 2003
University of Maryland Lilly-CTE Teaching Fellow. 2003
University of Maryland Center for Teaching Excellence Celebrating Teachers Award. 2003, 2004
Faculty 21 Member, Project Kaleidoscope, 2002
University of Maryland, College of Life Sciences Teaching and Course Development Award. 2002
University of Maryland Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award. 2002
University of Maryland Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award. “Research Experiences in Large Enrollment Undergraduate courses: The Use of Teaching Teams and Case studies”. 2001

National Activities:
Member: American Society for Microbiology Committee on Technology Enhanced Education
Chair: MicrobeLibrary Atlas/Protocol  Committee

Selected Recent Presentations:
Smith, A. C., “Welcome to the 21st Century: National Trends in Biology Education” UM Bioscience Day Secondary School Teaching Symposium, 2006, College Park MD. (powerpoint file)
Marbach-Ad, G., Briken,V., Frauwirth, K., Gao, L.,  Hutcheson, S.W., Joseph, S.W., Mosser, D., Shields, P., Song, W., Stein, D.C.,  Thompson, K.V., Yuan, R., Smith,A.C., 2006. “A Faculty Team Works to Create Content Linkages among Various Courses to Increase Meaningful Learning of Targeted Concepts of Microbiology” International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.Conference. Washington, D.C. (powerpoint file)

Smith, A.C., “Adding Active Learning to a Large Lecture Course with the Help of Technology” UM Teaching with Technology Conference. 2006, College Park,  MD. (powerpoint file)
Smith, A..C. 2005.Undergraduate TA’s and your class. A report from BSCI 223. Teaching and Learning News 14 (4) 4
Kramer, S. Tsang, A. and Smith, A.C., 2005. Can undergrads make transgenic plants?   American Socieity for Microbiology Conference on Undergraduate Education (ASMCUE), Atlanta GA.
Parent, B, Swanson, K. and Smith, A.C., 2005. “Cookbook to Koch-- Integrating research design into an immunology lab to stimulate meaningful learning”. ASMCUE, Atlanta GA.
Smith, A. C., “Technology as a solution to implementing active learning pedagogies.” PKAL National Assembly: Making Creative Use of Emerging Technologies to Enhance Student Learning, Boulder, Colorado, 2003.
Smith, A. C., Hayes-Klosteridis, J., and P. Robinson. “ Collaborations that facilitate the scholarship of teaching.” American Society for Microbiology. General Meeting, Washington, D. C., 2003
Smith, A.C., “The Virtual Laboratory Practical Exam”.  ASM Conference for Undergraduate Education, College Park, MD, 2003.(powerpoint file)
Smith, A.C., Hayes-Klosteridis, Stewart, R., Shields. P., and R.Yuan  “Transformation from a  lecture-based to case- based course”.  UM Teaching with Technology Conference. 2003. (powerpoint file)

Recent Grants:

Principle Investigator: College of Life Sciences HHMI Curriculum Development Grant: Linking of courses to Foster in depth and research oriented learning in of Host Pathogen Interactions. Ann C. Smith, Gili Marbach-Ad, Volker Briken, Najib El-Sayed, Kennneth Frauwirth, Brenda Fredericksen, Steven Hutcheson, Lian-Yong Gao, Sam Joseph, Vincent Lee,  Kevin S. McIver, David Mosser, B. Booth Quimby, Patricia Shields, Wenxia Song, Robert T. Yuan and Daniel C. Stein.  2004 - 2007. HPI Teaching Group

Co-investigator: University of Maryland Improvement of Instruction Grant. “Clicking to Engage the masses: Development of Best Practices and a Question Database for Use in Scientific Education” Boehmler, D., Dixon, B., and Smith, A.C. 2006

Principal Investigator: University of Maryland Improvement of Instruction Grant. “Development and assessment of an undergraduate teaching experience in a large enrollment CORE Life Sciences Lab course to support the active learning goals of the course”.2005.

Co-investigator: University of Maryland Improvement of Instruction Grant. Establishment of Center for Teaching and Learning in Bioinformatics Spencer Benson, Paul Bottino, Charles Delwiche, Jocelyn DiRuggiero, Steve Mount, and Ann Smith,  2002.

Co-investigator, University of Maryland Improvement of Instruction Grant.  Joint proposal from CBMG Department and University Honors Program “The use of Honors students and case studies in providing research experiences in large enrollment undergraduate courses.” 2001

 Co-investigator, University of Maryland Improvement of Instruction Grant.  Joint proposal from CBMG Department and Honors, “Developing of a Learning Synergy between Honors and Non-Honors Students in Large Enrollment Classes as a Way to Expand Interest in Undergraduate Research”.  Fall 2000

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gram stain bacteria
staphylococcus gram stain image
bacteria image
Atlas-Protocol Collection Gram Stain of Bacillus cereus
Gram Stain of Staphylococcus aureus
Gram Stain of mixed bacterial culture
Images for Microbiology found in Visual Resources and Atlas Protocol Collections