Welcome to the additional pages for the ARLO (Acoustic Research Letter Online) manuscript. This paper is a first report on a behavioral analysis of responses to ultrasound stimulation by Alosa sapidissima. This paper allows us to use multimedia files to demostrate the very dramatic responses of this species to ultrasonic stimulation.Since the behavioral response of Alosa sapidissima is quite robust, we wanted to publish the basic findings in this form. In a follow up paper we will show fewer "raw" results and more details of the responses to different stimuli, as well as more descriptions and discussions of the methods used and the conclusions drawn from the results.

Due to some recent technical changes we had to reformat the videos for the ARLO paper using a different codec. All videos are now encoded with DivX 5.02™ and encapsulated as (AVI) for use on Windows Media Player™, Apple Quicktime™, Real Player™, or DivX Player™.
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The video size varies between 4 and 17 MB. Video linked as "small" are 1.5 MB except "Video5small" with 4 MB.